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Mandakh Duuren LLC was established in 2003 as a trading company in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Since 2008, our company is actively supplying electrical system products, providing expert electrical services and offering consulting and electrical drawing services to business entities in the residential, commercial and industrial construction industry and the consuming public. Employees at Mandakh Duuren LLC understand that every client has a unique demand and need, thus we inquire carefully and match it with our superior products, services and consultations. We stay humble and approach each project with our utmost sincerity and seriousness. Hence, the accuracy of our initial budget for any project is accurate and all of our projects are completed within the estimated time thanks to our skilled engineers, extensively experienced electricians and technicians, prompt technical support team, quality assurance team and well established management team.


“Mandakh Duuren” LLC is dedicated to growing our business through the newest technology and training, creating the safest work environment, and exceeding customer expectations. We pledge to be a customer-oriented electrical company and an ethical and socially responsible business entity by volunteering and supporting activities which help our business partners and the community prosper.


At "Mandakh Duuren" LLC, we stay sensible to identify customers’ needs and inquiries, provide the best electrical solution based on the highest standards and accurate market research data, offer the newest technology and installation methods, deliver economic benefits to customers, complete our projects with the highest quality and reliability, perform services with the highest degree of punctuality, and work hard to increase our highly satisfied customers base.


“Mandakh Duuren” LLC will strengthen its business longevity in the market place by continually investing in training and education for our work force, providing expert electrical services to business entities in the industrial, commercial and residential construction industry as well the consuming public, and developing long lasting relationships with business entities and entrepreneurs in the electrical, construction, and mining sectors. We stay humble with our clients and close to our fellow veteran engineers with more than twenty to thirty years of experience. Employees at “Mandakh Duuren” LLC are delighted to contribute their extensive experience and expertise to the infrastructure development of Mongolia and are encouraged to build a competitive business environment together in their mother land.

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We offer

1. High and medium voltage (1000V and up) electrical power distribution system, power transmission line and substation supplies and installations
2. Low voltage (1000V and below) electrical power distribution system, power transmission line, and substation supplies and installations:
• Industrial Building
• Commercial Building
• Residential Building
• Control Panel
• Automation
3. UPS - uninterruptable power supply system distribution and installation
• Generators-genset configuration and maintenance
• UPS Batteries
4. Consultation: Renewable energy and hybrid system
5. Technical Drawing

  • AC and DC genset

  • ComAp control panel

  • Leega

  • FG Wilson with canopy

  • FG Wilson

  • Control panel Socomec

  • TBEA and HEAG transformers

  • Prysmain brand cable

  • Erdent mining ore processing expansion plant-Ball Mill

  • EverExceed Green UPS DC

  • ProStar- UPS DC system

  • ProStar Battery

  • General Cavi-Grounding materials

  • Sassin-Low voltage equipment


  • Erdenet mininig corporation expansion plant

  • Erdenet mining ore processing plant electrical system installation

  • Erdent mining ore processing expansion plant-Ball mill

  • Mongolian Railway Administration: conjunctions automations

  • Civil aviation authority of Mongolia-Substations installations

  • Shivee ovoo mining conveyor exterior lighting systems

  • Termigas Implanti Technology: Khan Hills Residence

  • Tenger Plaza- Interior and exterior electrical system installations

  • Unitel – Transmission line and substation supplies and installations

  • Mobicom – Generators supplies and installations

  • Consultation: Renewable energy and hybrid system

  • LionRock genset installation

  • FG Wilson genset installation

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Address: Building 84B, Stadium Orgil street,Khan-Uul district,Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Phone: (976) 70138262,(976) 99108262

E-Mail: info@mdenergy.mn